Waking up in the morning

I vow with all beings

to be ready for sparks of the Dharma

from flowers or children or birds.

- Robert Dairyu Chotan Aitken Roshi, Zen Vows for Daily Life -

One world - a great engine that never sleeps.


Fighting for keeps.


marching on,



The other world says:

On rain-days, cease all red dust commerce.

Listen to Dharma talks by hidden frogs.

Take your lessons for the next season

from heron wing-tips touching water.


Deal only

in the currency

of thunder-knowing incense

and mountain-dragon tea.

Then, the science of liberation is unveiled.

The ever-arising self-obsessed self


The dust of the striving world

that has settled on your love-starved skin

is suddenly washed away.

(c) 2018 / Wandering Stone Lantern (Frank LaRue Owen) / purelandpoetry.com

sound: John Vorus / Night Sounds / Foot of the Crow