--in preparation for the Strawberry Moon

"Drinking with a Hermit Friend in the Mountains"

Together, we drink: two mountain flowers, opening.

A cup, a cup, and then, to begin again at the beginning, another cup!

I'm drunk, would sleep...you'd better go.

Tomorrow, come again, with your lute, if you will.

--from Bright Moon, White Clouds: Selected Poems of Li Po (701-762) [Seaton translation]


Let's don't make it complicated.

It's as simple as taking this sip beneath this very moon.

Leave it at that.


Don't seek definitions beyond This-Right-Here.

Seeking to apprehend only leads to apprehension.

There is no true understanding by adding more layers on.

Take a sip.

Allow yourself to be embraced by the idleness of the flowing green world.

Feel the dignity of a thousand years of warrior-poets rising within you.

Sit upon the Platform of the Clouds.

Feel the Poet's Dreaming Body entering its final summer activation.

That is the natural beauty waiting in this Warm Harmony Dojo.



I look at your face.

It's twisting like a rotten melon.

There! You see it?! Your monkey-mind is chasing its own tail again.

Incessant! Relentless! Categorization! Labeling! 

Trying to squeeze all of this into a small pillbox you can carry around.

You could be a dragon wandering in the cloud-kissed mountains.


Instead you've become like a rare beetle

stopped in its tracks

numbered and labeled

pinned through the back.



I know you want a thorough explanation.

I know you want a travel guide to the Great Infinite.

I know you want to dine on sweetness without getting into any of the bitterness.

The only solution is to throw yourself naked into the abyss.

The belonging you're seeking is a form of homelessness.

We're all orphans. 

Escape the orphanage.

Step onto The Way.

Take back up your original title at birth.



Crazy Cloud.

(c) 2018 / Frank LaRue Owen (Wandering Stone Lantern) / purelandpoetry.com

sound: Gazing at the Moon / Sleeping Lotus / Li Xiangting