Enough circuits around the Sun
and you don't need the arc of another full turn
to see when something isn't going to work.

There is no blame in that anywhere in the Three Worlds.

No amulets or spells can dispel
someone else's ghosts or hauntings.

Realizing that is called wisdom.

Though you may clamor
and even raise your voice in protest,
all your protestations are useless.

When The Sight sees The Seen
The Road That Would Have Been falls away
and any protestations you yell into the dark at that point
is just you delaying your grieving.


Celebrate what can be celebrated.

There was, in fact, a softness that drew life toward life.

Such moments are not in vain in the larger tide of Being.

Celebrate what can be celebrated.

Release in love.

(c) 2018 / Frank LaRue Owen (Wandering Stone Lantern) / purelandpoetry.com

sound: David Darling / "Sojourn" / 8-String Religion