Fire! Fire! We're all on fire! Burning with desire,

burning with hatred, burning with craving.

The eye is on fire with lust and greed. 

The mouth is on fire with anger and false speech.

Extinguish the fires of delusion and be free. Be free.

The Adittapariyaya Sutra (The Fire Sermon, Pali Canon,

Third Discourse of Shakyamuni Buddha)

In heavy heart times
the sweet air of Spring mountains
is a healing salve.

Overhead lattice of dark spruce and pink dogwoods
against the soft twlight sky
reminds us of our own renewal
and eventual branching out.

Though we all spin in the small churn of caged narrative,
in the end it all fades into the embrace of the Greater Story.

In the Pure Land there are no enemies;
only weary, wounded fools stumbling along, ever-arriving, 

ever-relying on the Great Compassion into which we are all already woven.

When the smoke finally clears from doused fires of rage and passion,
there is only the dawn star, the lark of the morning, the song of liberation
whispering to us across the water from the Other Shore.
(c) 2018 / Frank LaRue Owen (Wandering Stone Lantern) /

sound: Robert Rich & Alio Die / Fissures