That spinning 'Wearer of the Wool' was right!
Don't fight the Dawn Bird's proclamation!
Get up! Get up!

There'll be plenty of time for sleep when we're dead.
Get up! Get up!

The whole diamond lotus of creation is awake and ready to greet us!
Get up! Get up!

Wasn't it just yesterday you were crying,
saying to yourself that you are ready for a change? 
Get up! Get up!

Take it from this old lazy lion.
No one knows the drowsy dharma of wasting time better than I.
My youth is a dreamy blur; my adulthood too.
Do as I say and not as I do. Get up! Get up!

Can you hear the Great Cosmic Clock going tick-tock, tick-tock?
Get up! Get up!

Like an old cowboy used to say: "You're burning daylight! Get up!"

The visioning of change is the work of night.
The making of change is the work of the dawn.
Get up! Get up!

The Lords of Languishing are counting on our complacency.
The sultry tempters of mindless slumber are just another incarnation of Mara's daughters.
They rise even earlier than we, whipping up an ambrosia of entranced-sleep.
Don't drink their stupifying poison, for the days of our lives are passing us by.
Get up! Get up!

Put your feet on the floor like a warrior wearing the dawn armor of the Great Eastern Sun.
Hail the luminous light rays of Dainichi coming across the Eastern horizon.
Meet the new day as if encountering your face in the mirror of Lady Amaterasu.
It has been a long time since we were standing on a path of our own making.
Get up! Get up!

The visioning of change is the work of night.
The making of change is the work of the dawn.

The Keepers of the Dawn Tablets of Future Unfolding Karma
have handed each of us a horse-hair brush fashioned from the golden manes of all the fallen bodhisattva-warriors who ever came before us.
They're counting on us to make our days count.
Breathe deep to gather the scattered, sleepy self. Dip the brush into the Morningstar's ink.

Hold the Great Sun Buddha inside your own chest.
Intone your soul's deepest life intent.
Place the brush to paper and make your mark.
Now, get up! Get up!

(c) 2018 / Frank LaRue Owen (Wandering Stone Lantern)  /

sound: "Saint" from Talking Clouds by Markus Guentner