At first, you will think you have your act together.

You have, of course, invested in it for years.

You'll assume you are solid.
Battle-tested, you'll assume you can take anything.

Then, you meet the soul
that breaks open the hard husk
you had come to think of as 'you.'


That first gust
feels like the day
you were pulled into the cold world
from the safe cocoon
of your mother's womb.

There is no going back
and nothing, and no one,
can prepare you for the
constant tender state that will follow.

Something of The Sacred Other
is inside you now
and even if you wanted to
there is no re-weaving
the light-limiting husk
from which you have come.


Now, when they are far from you,
you will learn the same kind of worry
parents have for their children's safety.

Now, with others' eyes on them,
others' comments in their ear
beyond your own range,
some days you will wonder
if you are enough.

Now, you will be stretched beyond
the limited territory
you had mistaken for a life.

You will develop a thirst
for the wider terrain of your
deeper, better, truer, braver,
more enlivened self

and just about the time
you think you have found
solid ground again,
another wave will come
and upend your boat.

This is when,
tumbling downward into the deep,
you remember priestess Pythia's oracle for you:

Love will defeat you.
Embrace defeat.

(c) 2018 / Frank LaRue Owen / purelandpoetry

sound: Aura Seminalis - Part I, Alio Die