dodem (Algonquian) (disambiguation: totem): a spirit being, often in animal form, that is tutelary in function and serves as an emblem for an individual or group of people. 


"In general it can be said that for modern man technology is an imbalance that begets dissatisfaction with work and with life. It estranges man from his natural versatility of action and thus allows many of his instincts to lie fallow...Considered on its own merits, as a legitimate human activity, technology is neither good nor bad, neither harmful nor harmless. Whether it be used for good or ill depends entirely on man's own attitude, which in turn depends on technology. The technologist has something of the same problem as the factory worker. Since he has to do mainly with mechanical factors, there is a danger of his other capacities atrophying. Just as an imbalanced diet is injurious to the body, any psychic imbalances have injurious effects in the long run and need compensating." 

-- C.G. Jung, September 1949 --

People go on and on about miracles.

How about the one within us?


We all answer to it.

The one

when and where

despite all protestations


for how we're going to skirt the subject,

the soul, with its full mouth of teeth,

announces it will be having its way

with what you've been calling "you."


This is when you realize there's nowhere to hide.

Nowhere to go where the Eyes of the Cosmos aren't upon you.

This is when you meet the ancient animal

that has always been dwelling deep inside you.


There is an animal within you.

Fur, feather, hide, scale, mane.

It is calling out to you from beneath the layers.

Beak, talon, claw, bone, fang.


It exists to balance you

to remind you

of the rest of you --

to provide you with a nearly-forgotten tutelage.




it offers you the parts of you that you've forgotten

that really know about survival.

Humbly receive the offering.

You're going to need it.


There is also a river within you.

With enough time

dwelling in unnaturalness

an erosion of its banks begins

until one day

part of the bank gives way

churns-up the silt of all you haven't been looking at

and what had been a straight-flowing river

bends away, forceful and insistent,

from anything that does not promote true wholeness for you.


This is when novices-in-training

often conjure up a juicy distraction.

The animal within licks its lips

and whispers: hors d'oeuvres.

(c) 2017 / Frank LaRue Owen /

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Jung quote: Published in Zurcher Student, newspaper of the Federal Polytechnic Institute of Zurich, cited in The Earth Has A Soul: The Nature Writings of C.G. Jung, edited by Meredith Sabini, North Atlantic Books, 2002]