It's that time again.

The click of the clock arm says so.

The blink of your eye.

A deep inhalation.


The homesickness you've had since childhood stirs again,

becomes a new zenith inside you.

It will go unnoticed by most everyone

-- this slow pushing-off from the shore you're doing --

but it's time to leave the bones of anything we've called a "failure"

to bleach beneath this summer's New Sun.


Your gradual merging

with the world on the other side of these green branches

is the same mind-to-mind transmission as Bodhidharma's.


Though it is high noon on the longest day of the year

this solar feast is not a departure but an arrival.

It is a way-station as you take back up

the ancient art of washing the self clean

 in the river Numina Terra.

(c) 2017 / Frank LaRue Owen /

soundscape: "Real-Life Mystery," from They Grow Layers of Life Within, Alio Die

image: "Telaraña", Guillermo Carballa