last poem of the season — for many a fellow traveler

While the Root-Body wallows deep in shadow,

a few inches out from the skin

the Seeing-Body moves through the outer world.







this is a time of fatigue

from absorbing all that isn’t being said.

Don’t underestimate the gravity of collective mind.

These are weighty times.

But, examine your footing.

What is behind such words as “imminent”?

What is being unstitched behind phrases like: “I am done pretending.”

The Seeing-Body knows there is nothing that is not energy.

The Knowing-Body sees everything is a matter of management.

What is your truest investment?

Remember the old instruction:

Resources are for re-Sourcing.

When is the last time you bathed in the tributaries of the heart?

So, here we are

looking at two pack horses in midstream.

The old ones say:

Transfer the load

— all of it —

from pretending to tending.

It is not too late.

What is your truest investment?

Body-mind and heart can align again.

We may have lost some years to tears and fears,

but the big sky country of the Inner Caldera remains.

Its open air and sweet breeze of renewal still waits.

What will it take

for us to give ourselves permission

to draw in that unrestricted breath of freedom?

What will it take for us to push through

as if we had just emerged from the womb

and entered this world anew?

(c) 2019 / Frank LaRue Owen /

sound: The Unfolding / A Field of Night / Chequerboard

image: Valles Caldera, New Mexico