inspired by the individuals doing the most important work of these times, who are so rarely commended for doing so

—for Lady Padilla

— +++ —

“When fascism comes to America, it will be

wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

— James Waterman Wise —

I can remember a time as a fledgling child

when I thought of “The Church” as a righteous entity

— a body of loving believers

embodying the spirit of a loving Jesus —

who would stand up

with a unified voice

and serve

as a shield

against tyranny,



Rare as it is, I’ve seen this Spirit of Serving.

Some nights, in the here and now, I cross paths with those

who actually do the work of The Good Shepherd.

These days, mostly, I think of “The Church”

as an air conditioned social club,

and I still sometimes chide myself

for my early misplaced naivete.

Still, the true Lantern-Bearers walk on.

The true Lantern-Bearers walk on.

I can remember a time as a fledgling child

when I thought of “America” as a wholesome entity

— a collection of uplifting, world-binding, world-healing principles

that would be held up

like a beacon of truth and justice and relief in a dark world;

that would fight against tyranny,



and protect the fragile-hearted

who would come to our shores and borders

because they themselves had been drawn to the light.

Then, I learned its true history…our true history,

and my eyes fell open — wide-awake.

These days, mostly I think of this nation as a land of sleepwalkers and tyrants;

the sleepwalkers unaware that the light has been extinguished

in all the old lanterns by the “Not-See” Party…

…the tyrants willing to trade-in The Universal Root Principles

in an effort to make a nation in their forced image (the white singularity)

rather than all our image (our actual diversity).

You see, this nation defeated the Nazi Party.

My own grandfather trained bombardier pilots in WWII

some of whom rode the wind

to make sure that scourge was beaten back.

But here in “Amerikkka”,

we are all living under a different banner;

it’s the flag of the “Not-See” Party…toothbrush not included.

We’re all at it again — our Cyclical Curriculum of Dark Dreaming.

Jackboots are hitting the streets in Amerikkka —

slithering through barrios

as if Quetzcoatl had an evil twin.

We’re putting children in cages like chattel

while the wealthy-elite gather together

on the deck of another “Titanic” —

enjoying drinks and tunes,

quietly humming “Nearer My God to Thee”

with no clue what the words actually mean.

Still, the true Lantern-Bearers walk on.

The true Lantern-Bearers walk on.

(c) 2019 / Frank LaRue Owen /

sound: Undercurrent 2 (Jesus Bombed a Baritone) / Undercurrents / Hammock

image: Families Belong Together March / Orange County, CA / Samantha Sophia

footnote: “Nearer My God to Thee” is purportedly the last tune played by the musicians on the Titanic before it sank.

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