This is a poem that has three versions. If you are drawn to share one or all of them, feel free to do so. Either copy the URL above and post, or right-click on any of the images below and save to your desktop. Some have chosen to print out the last one to use as a start of their day. As always, the poem is best worked with in full-screen desktop, with headphones or surround-sound speakers.

The first version of the poem, entitled The Guest in the Great House of Being, addresses you, dear reader, as if you have just arrived here on the planet after a long journey to get here. You were sent here from far away. You already know that you were sent here to 'learn love' in the Earth School, but you were also told you have other things to discover and create. 

The words are instructions and simultaneously a call to an adventure known universally in the inward-looking traditions throughout every culture here. The verses are not uttered with an air of condemnation, but rather as an orientation to your new home; an invitation to a way of being however long you choose to be here.

After reading the first poem, you step into a circle of other people: All of us. The poem transforms to The Guests in the Great House of Being. The poem is no longer directed to you as a new arrival, but rather to all of us -- a collective of world citizens taking up very important work for the path ahead.

The final version, Entering the Great House of Being, is offered to you as a tool. Many traditions throughout the world use verses, mantras, contemplations, chants, and affirmations of various kinds as a way of orienting to the new day, each day. You're invited to work with the phrases, saying them out loud, or silently to yourself, exploring how they change your perceptions and experience of yourself and others as you move through the Great House of Being.

-- Frank Saizan Owen, Pure Land Poetry --

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(c) 2017 / Frank LaRue Owen /

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