When I opened my eyes,

I knew I wasn't in a familiar place.


The light of a strange sun

gleamed down through greening branches.


Birds of every color rested there.

Lizards with skin like rainbows.

Snakes slept among the snake-like vines.

I was cautious but did not feel threatened.


A dark woman,

skin like red earth,

was dressed in a robe of white.


She sang a greeting to me

in a tongue I did not know;

shook rattles, dried leaves, smooth branches,

which soothed me.


She smiled and nodded.

I nodded in return.


As I gazed at all the creatures

taking refuge in that Great Tree,

she introduced one of them to me.


Skin black as night,

markings as blue and bright

as the sky in bright daylight,

the earth-dreaming lizard

nestled into the crook of my arm

like a long-lost relative.


I felt something

tightly-bound inside of me

give way;

a grief I didn't realize I carry day to day

from simply being here, in this way.


As I felt the pain ripple through me, 

I knew, then, it was not mine alone.

The Great Earth Body has a pain all Her own.


Then the woman's soft hands touched my face.

I thought to myself: I've never been touched this way.

She kissed my forehead

as a good mother does;

applied ointment to my eyes,

sang a song that stands outside of time.


The Tapestry of Life

frays with your every choice.


Man's endless conquest

of the Rare Blue Flower

will be Her end.


You have all fallen asleep again.


Wake up, children. Wake up. 


(c) 2017 / Pure Land Poetry / Frank LaRue Owen (Wandering Stone Lantern) / purelandpoetry.com