2014: Letting Go

Old cantina

touch of lime on the tongue.

Trying to forget a lover's face

but there's nowhere left to run.

2016: Seeing

These eyes are able to see the Many-Worlds again --

how they can deplete us

sustain us

or renew us

based upon our relationship to Heart-Mind.


I hear my teacher's voice whisper:

Can you watch it all without getting "hooked" by it?

I seem to have managed to do that, mostly --

just not with memories

of Santa Fe

Santa Cruz


2016: Sloughing

I've decided I'm 'done' tonight.


Done with pastimes like "holding out hope."

Done with sutras, gospels, psalms, and sanghas.

I've sidestepped the infinite-loop news cycles

and taken up the three sets of instructions

given to all genuine wayfarers:

> Go to the desert of the soul; take up the same fight Jesus did.

>> Enter the valley of the Mother of the Dao; surrender to the dark-engima.

>>> Traverse the mandala of the mountain

find your Original Face before your parents were born.

If you can't, feed yourself to the vultures again. 

SPRING 2017: The One Constant Faithful

I have only found one trustworthy thing

among the Ten-Thousand Things:

The Great Mirror of Nature.


Faithfully, she shines everything back to you;

how you haven't been kind to yourself,

how you've been a tyrant with everyone else,

how you've let the stories of this surface world

supplant your own -- including the deeper, most vital one.


This Merging with Nature is the Oldest Way.

Jesus in the desert. Shakyamuni and his morning star.

Chuang Tzu playing with butterflies.

Forgotten peace pilgrims far from the world on distant roads. 

It's the only path for me now.

It's how I finally broke myself

from dealing in daydreams and "ideals."

Worldly grasping and imaginings

are too damn painful to maintain,

so I don't.

SUMMER 2017: No Arrival

Finally, I've slipped out

of the birth canal of these times.

It's true what the old travelers say:

True Emptying-Out awaits on the other side.


In the Place of Perennial Nonbeing, you say goodbye to Fantasy Land.

The Great Tutelage has always been the same:

Meet the 'What Really Is'

with the 'Who You Really Are'

and stop trying to control every damn thing!


Then, you can really stretch your legs out at night

for another round of dreaming

at the end of the evening.

It's really the only peace I've come to know.

Silence in the dark stillness

the cacophony of the world falling away

a lone beam of moonlight

showing another "rhinoceros"

the better way of living alone

(c) 2017 / Frank LaRue Owen / purelandpoetry.com

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