In the crisp dawn light,
stepping softly 
past burrowing creatures
and the egret's flight,

a new autumnal fire was lit
behind these ribs
made from the sparks
of the three teachings.

Flowing down from Dao Mountain
through Ch'an Awareness Meadow
down into the anxious city
that aches for Heaven-Earth Alignment,
three tributaries merged
at the headwaters of heart-mind.

Primordial Embodiment.

World of Red Dust.
Persistent forgetfulness.
Yarrow stalks and coins tossed
in place of years 
of casting bones of desire.

Wandering quietly now,
this weather-blown corpse
moves through invisible pockets
of Yockanookany's ch'i-filled places.

Full comprehension of the meaning
'one who is set apart' washes in
and leaves this poet's dreaming body speechless.


(c) 2018 / Frank LaRue Owen /

sound: Setting Out / Endless River / Roy Mattson